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Daniel Graham

Podiatry First

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Address 65 York St Sydney NSW 2000 Website Phone number (02) 9387 1545 Social Media

Business Description

We address all podiatry related issues in general foot care such as corns, callus, ingrown toe nails, bunions, wounds and diabetes. However, our specialty is BIOMECHANICS. In a nutshell, we look at acute and chronic issues, find out what is causing them and what we need to do to fix them long-term. This can range from lower back, hip, knee, ankle and or foot pain to training and sports related issues, addressing work loads and injuries.

If you have pain or something is holding you back, we en-devour to find and fix the issue!

We approach our practice with unparalleled enthusiasm together with a holistic philosophy that is unique in our field. This fresh approach is also embraced by our patients who become partners in their treatment program to not only resolve injury and pain, but improve and maintain their general health.

We firmly believe in looking after the total health of our patients. Our commitment to our clients is to embrace the latest technology in sports science and medical research, and combine that with the most skilled health practitioners in our field means that you get the best of everything.

This focus on excellence places our clinic at the forefront of our field. Podiatry First is widely recognised as the industry leader in the following specialised fields:

- Sports Podiatry and Biomechanics
- Laser Fungal Nail Therapy
- Shockwave Therapy
- Nail Surgery and General Foot Maintenance

As the leading clinic specialising in Shockwave and Laser Fungal Nail therapy, we are also the point of contact for training other health professionals in their use. Our successful methods have become the basis for treatment across the board. We get results. We take your health very seriously and ensure that our clients receive only the very best care. We work with you.

This holistic philosophy has allowed us to find solutions for our clients where others have tried, but failed.

Perfect Referral

- Discomfort/pain; lower back down, muscular, joint or even unknown
- Corporate Businesses; Employee Benefits/Education Days
- Fungal Nails
- Abnormal Walk/Running
- Running Training
- Arthritis
- Paediatrics
- Diabetes
- Acute & Chronic Pain
- General Foot Care

Bad Referral

People unwilling to seek help and work to treat their issues.

Services Provided

- Biomechanical Analysis - Orthotic Therapy - Shockwave Therapy - Laser Fungal Nail Treatment - General Footcare - Ingrown Toenail Surgery - Back, Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot Pain - Running Form & Technique Coaching