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Kate Talifero

Isagenix, Life Force

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Address Level 2, 85 Waterloo Road Macquarie Park SYDNEY NSW 2066 Website Phone numbers (02) 9418 7262 +61 403 763 342 Social Media

Business Description

Isagenix is the Number One Direct Seller in Australia focusing on people's wellbeing. They are a solutions driven in the categories of Energy & Performance, Healthy Ageing, Weight Loss and Building a Residual Income if that interest you. Isagenix will do US $1B in sales this year, they are on a mission to help people and they are winning!

Perfect Referral

Someone who is 2 years - 102 years and is ready to reclaim their health now. People who struggle with their energy, their weight, sleep, general wellbeing. Busy mothers, executives, school kids not eating right...the elderly, athletes, Olympians, people looking to improve their health today and feel well with an easy system to follow.

Bad Referral

Someone who is not ready and clearly feels they are doing 'it' as a favour to a spouse/friend and not genuinely interested in making a change. I do not want to drag people kicking and screaming, its no fun!

Services Provided

Utilising the Isagenix System of Products a programme is designed to deliver your individual needs, including improved energy and sleep, building and maintaining lean muscle, improved athletic performance and yes weight loss. The nasty visceral fat, that's a killer! You have a 'Cleanse' coach as your accountability partner to cheer you along and an active private online support group with access to 45 full time scientists. You cannot fail on this programme, but if you are not satisfied with your results get your money back with our 30 day guarantee. Win Win, no risk, just results.