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Rube Sayed

Datcom Cloud

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Address Level 7, 31 Market Street Sydney NSW 2000 Website Phone numbers +61 286 511 188 +61 404 111 000 Social Media

Business Description

The world’s moving. Fast. Time to turn your IT into your greatest asset, working with IT professionals who can help remove the pain and help your business grow. Don’t settle, leap ahead.

Perfect Referral

Office Manager, Business Owner, Financial Controller from a business between 20 - 200 users.

IT Manager, CIO from a business between 200 - 2000 users.

Bad Referral

A business with under 20 users.

Services Provided

Most businesses spend too much time just trying to keep up. But with the rate of change accelerating, just keeping up will leave you miles behind. So we exist to empower you to be leaps ahead. We’ve been helping businesses use IT to grow with confidence since 1997 and here’s how we can do the same for you. Our Solutions A good network gives you speed, reliability, security and flexibility. A great network gives you even more. Managed Services - It is possible to have your IT services delivered with exceptional communication and project management. Let us prove it. Cloud Services - Transform your business with a cloud service that delivers speed, flexibility and security. Capabilities with Cloud Migration & Transformation, Cloud Back Up Services and Application Hosting. Connectivity - Build the network your business needs with the best data, voice and security options available. Specialising in Business Internet, Private Networks, Cloud Telephony and Cyber Security. Technology & Procurement - Don't just embed tech that suits your today - build a solution that will supercharge your tomorrow. Let Datcom handle your IT Hardware Purchases and Software Licensing which starts with a Network Assessment Audit.
  • Managed IT Services: Outsourced IT Department
  • Telecommunications: Business Internet & Phones,
  • Cloud Computing & Hosting: Managed Cloud Services
  • Professional Services: Consulting & Projects
  • ICT Procurement: Buy Hardware & Software
  • IT Support: Help Desk Services